Driving Schools

Some parents make great teachers while others, let's face it, don't. As a parent you owe it to your child to provide them with the best possible tuition. Their life depends on it! Does this sound like a plug for driving schools? Well, you might be surprised. Read more on our Driving Schools page.

Keys2Drive is a free lesson aimed at helping parents teach their children. A professional instructor will take you both (i.e. student and parent) out for a lesson and provide many useful tips on how to train your child.
Useful tip #1 - Road rules
We all think we know the road rules, but now could be a good time to make sure, thus avoiding any conflict. Sit in front of the computer and do the Driver Knowledge Test online several times (there are different questions each time) and see how you go.
Useful tip #2 - Your own habits
Seriously look at your own driving behaviour. Do you use a three second gap all the time? Do you speed? More is caught than taught so, as painful as it may be to admit it, consider correcting any bad habits.
Useful tip #3 - Managing speed
In early lessons make sure speeds are low. Your child will build confidence when everything is done correctly, even if it's slow. When things go too fast it can be confidence destroying - and dangerous!
Whale watching at The Haven, Terrigal.
Useful tip #4 - Is your vehicle a mobile block-out?
Is your vehicle an SUV, or even a van? If so, have you ever considered that it's actually a mobile block-out (a block-out is an object that restricts vision)? Other drivers are constantly unsighted by your vehicle, making driving more dangerous for them, and possibly for you. Your student should understand that your vehicle has this effect on other road users, so while the student is waiting to turn right at a T-intersection, a vehicle on the left (wanting to turn left) may have no view of the traffic approaching from the right. Your student needs to constantly drive with this awareness and often choose a road position that assists other users to gain a better view.
Useful tip #5 - GPS devices
These units are a wonderful driver's aid, providing much useful information even when not actually navigating. They can serve as a distraction though, so the student needs to learn how to use them effectively. If the unit starts beeping because it's approaching a speed camera location, the time to look is when the driver is ready, not when the unit calls you!