Speed limits for L-platers and P-platers
Should L-platers and P-platers be restricted to lesser speeds or allowed to travel at the normal speed limit? This thought-provoking discussion will make you wonder if your kids really are safe.
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I would like to stress that the content presented here is entirely my own opinion. It's not to say that the NRMA or any of my colleagues disagree with any of it, it's just that I've never sought their agreeance or otherwise. So, read on and please feel free to write to me to tell me how much you agree. OK, even if you disagree!
How courtesy encourages safety
What's courtesy got to do with road safety? Answer: a lot more than you might think!
Just who is the problem?
OK, we're all experts. At any BBQ, or in any pub, you'll find someone who's got an opinion about the way other people drive. Please read this and ask yourself just how perfect you are!
The supposed evils of Advanced Driver Training
Can teaching more about driving be counter-productive? Some think it can but I am offended! I've spent too many years involved in advanced driver training not to have an opinion, but it may not be quite what you'd think!

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